Friday, 27 February 2015

Falling inlove

Good Morning!

At this very moment while you've just read my entry title for this might start to wonder what are this post going to be about with a title like that, especially that we are still in the month of

Firstly i will tell you yes i'm going to talk about love, but not what you might think! ☺This post are going to be about to love  ourselves.  The world out there are so crazy about that you must have someone special or the other half in your life! Those that does have someone; good for you, but that doesn't mean that WE should feel any different.  LOVE actually starts with ourselves....

Monday, 23 February 2015


Good day,

I want to share the following with you.  In 2010 when i started to work i discovered a nail polish brand that i immediately fall in-love with!  It was a polish that were reasonably prized, the colours are great and it's long lasting!  Everything a teacher could dream off, since you fingers do a lot of work every day.

I won't keep you in much more suspense!   It's called  TipTop.  To tell the truth i wasn't actually looking for a new brand i was actually looking for one specific colour that i wore way back when i was still in primary school, but i guess like with everything else in life nothing stays forever!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Tiny Bubbles....

Hi guys!
I hope that you'll have a wonderful week ahead...

My first entry will be about a product that has totally blown me away - in a very good way!! ☺
Some time ago I've had the opportunity to received a manicure done from Sorbet !  It was a fun and relaxing experience for me, especially my friends could enjoyed the day with me!!

The girls from sorbet has done a really super job that day!  Just look at our nails!  The product that they have used on our nails are from Incoco.  Feel free to visit their page and to see the different shades that they have to offer!

Perfect manicure