Sunday, 28 May 2017

Belle Collection ~ Rose gold Shimmer Nail Polish

Hello Beauties,

In the beginning of this month i popped into Jet Store - i always do.  It's one of my little pleasure times to browse around, since i always find a great shade of nail polish or two.  I have started long ago a collection called Belle Collection and i was pleasantly surprised to find a gorgeous polish called a Rose Gold Shimmer. Firstly, because i thought that they don't stock the nail polish anymore! It was ages ago, since I've seen any - so i was so super duper happy to have found this particular shade!! I know Rose Gold are the hype at the moment - i'm not one that follows trend styles so much, but sometimes what are in trend are just so cool.

belle Collection | Rose Gold Shimmer

BRAND: Belle Collection | SHADE: Rose Gold | TYPE: Shimmer| AVAILABILITY: Jet Store | PRICE: R 9.99

I have applied a base coat from essence love, joy, care range this bottle are called time for you / with Vitamin e ) I have previously blogged about this base / top coat & ridge filler here so you are more than welcome to read it.

I've applied two thin evenly coats of the Rose Gold Shimmer and it had a wonderful formula, since it's not runny and it dries rather quick, since my nails also take hours to dry.  I don't know if it's just me, but i have to wait hours for a regular nail polish to dry!

From the first stroke i could see the tiny little glitters in it and i was so happy. I would say this would make a wonderful shade to wear for a night out and it would look great with a black number.

It's a small bottle i would guess that it's a 5 ml, this information aren't available on the bottle and i have checked even on my other shades that i have from the same range. To be honest i prefer smaller bottles,especially if you have a huge collection of nail polish or if you want to go away for a weekend. It small and doesn't take much space at all.

it's easy to apply your nail polish with the brush. I don't have any strokes on my finger tips.

For a very reasonable price it's a good product!  You don't have to pay high end prices to have gorgeous nails.

What do you think of this shade?  Have you know about nail polishes from Jet? Would you consider purchasing nail polishes from them?

Have a wonderful week beauties,