Sunday, 21 May 2017


Pilaten | blackhead remover

Hello Beauties,

Today i want to talk about the blackhead remover mask that are all over the Social Media Networks.  I know that the majority of you have watched videos of people using these type of mask and was probably scared from trying these products out, since most of them was in so much pain from peeling it all off.

Well, i was fortunate enough to have received some samples from Rubybox to test out.

Pilaten blackhead Remover strip packs

BRAND: Pilaten | VOLUME: 6g | AVAILABLEPilaten Shop | PRICE: R 29,00 ( sachet )


The Pilaten Face Mask is the latest revolution in blackhead removal from the cosmetics industry. The Pilaten Face Mask is designed to pull blackheads and other skin impurities out from the root. Able to be used daily, although we recommend weekly or bi-weekly, you can keep your skin looking fresh and clean day in and day out.

Water, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, Diazonium Imidazolidinyl Urea, lodopropynyl Butyl Carbamate, Glycol.


To remove blackheads and skin impurities with the Pilaten Mask, first wash the application area with a cleanser to remove excess dirt from the area.  The next step is to ensure that the affected area’s pores are opened sufficiently for the Pilaten Mask to work effectively.  This can be accomplished by laying a hot, wet cloth over the area to be treated for up to 10 minutes (the best way is to microwave a wet cloth for 15 to 30 seconds). Alternatively, you can boil water, pour it into a bowl and hold your face over the bowl. 


Once you feel your pores have been sufficiently steamed, pat the application area dry.  DO NOT RUB DRY; it can cause the pores to close again.  Apply a medium layer to the application area, leaving a fairly heavy edge to allow easier peeling.  Allow to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the Pilaten Face Mask has dried, peel it off to peel out the blackheads and complete the process. Repeat as required. 

So how often should use use Pilaten? 

In the first week it is advised to use it 3 times max and there after, Pilaten should be used once a week. 

Does Pilaten only removes blackheads? 

Pilaten removes all skin impurities (whiteheads/blackheads, etc). Pilaten does not help with acne as that means that there is an active infection and Pilaten cannot remove that infection.


Pilaten application

I have tried this product out and i would like to mention that to make it easier to apply the mask are to make sure that you have tried up all your hair completely otherwise it would get caught in the mask and that would make it uncomfortable for you once the product have dried. Trust me on this one, i had some loose strands of hair caught and it was a bit soar to remove the mask. 

Secondly i would suggest that you empty the sachet into an plate (those plastic ones that you can purchase ) this would make it so much easier to apply.  I haven't done these steps and it made the application process a bit more difficult for me to apply the product. 

I have only used the product once thus far and i have decided to use the product on my forehead as you can see in the photo, since that was the area that needed it.  Once the product have dried i have peeled it off my face slowly from the bottom upwards. 

You probably want to know was it soar to remove the 'mask'? No, it wasn't at all.  I just had one tiny section that was a bit soar, since it caught some of my hair, hence i've made an note earlier about that. 


Pilaten evident on peel

On the photo above you would note those tiny white spots are all the stuff that was removed from my face. 

Pilaten first use results

On the photo on the left you can see how my forehead look. You would still see some black spots and that are some evidence from the mask.  I haven't washed my face off, since i wanted you to see how it looks.  

Does Pilaten work and would i recommend this? 

Yes, i would recommend this product, since it also removes impurities.  I will have a follow up blog post to let to know how my face will look over a longer use of the product. 

Have a wonderful week Beauties, 


  1. Well, this seems like a great product! I've used Biore strips, but never a mask. I'm digging this.

    1. It's the first time that i used these type of mask.

  2. These are also great for getting dead, peeling skin to come off.

    1. I know, i have noticed this when i was peeling it off.

  3. I'll be interested to read the follow up as well. That's the best tip ever - to get the hair out of the way!! These kind of masks are horrible to get the hair caught in.

    1. Thank you, oh yes it was a bit soar the one bit that have caught some of my hair.

  4. This seems like a good product! Lovely post....

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, I havent tried out the Suction Black Mask yet.