Thursday, 6 July 2017


Hello Beauties,

I have been searching the Internet for a decent time for a nail polish display that i can mount to my wall. I have a over 100 bottles  nail polishes and i have stored them in my dresser drawers, but they take up so much space and i cant see what i have. Most of the items that I've seen were DIY projects, but I'm useless with those stuff and i also don't have anyone that i could ask to make something like that for me.

Until recently I've seen that Planet Nails have advertised one on their Facebook Page. So i have made contact with them....

Polish display

So yesterday i went to their branch in Claremont and i have purchased my Wall Mount Nail Polish stand.

The stand are made from durable Acrylic and it holds up to 96 bottles of Nail Polishes. It cost R599 each. Afterwards i went to hardware stores to purchase some screws and plugs so that my display can be mounted on my wall.

Arrived home and i have unpacked my nail polish display....

Wall Mount Nail Polish Display Box

I have asked my Dad to make some hole's in the area that i want it to be.  I was so happy once the Nail Polish Display was on my wall. I was so happy with the result.

Planet Nails Wall Mount Nail Polish Display

Since i have so much polishes i had to think how i'm going to display my polishes. So i have decided to start with Tip Top, since Tip Top was also my first brand of polish that i have purchased. I have 21 nail polishes from them.

My second choice was essence  i started with the limited edition that i have and then i moved to the gel nail polish. My total collection from them stands currently at 41 nail polishes.

After essence i moved towards my Sorbet collection that i love so much! i have purchased them mostly when Clicks had a sale on. My collection are currently at 9 bottles.

I'm not sure that you are aware, but Pep also have nail polishes that are really affordable and my collection from them stands at 14 bottles and i think that are all most the whole collection from them.

Last on my display i have nail polishes from Ralo and i have 21 bottles in my collection currently. So i have counted my polishes and i could store 106 bottles of nail polishes.  I think it depends on the size of your bottles.

I still have about 20 odd of polishes that i still need space for, but i would have to save up for the second one.

How do you store or display your nail polishes and is it effective?

Have a blessed day Beauties,


  1. I have one of these. I keep discontinued polishes on them.

    1. They are really great! Every-time i walk past it i can't just help myself to look at my display.

  2. Love this! I keep all of mine in a three teired plastic drawer thing from Walmart. I eventually want to get a helmer though. Sadly I can't display them in the open cause I have a two year old 😂

    1. What a shame, yes i understand that completely my nephew used to 'paint' with his mother's nail polish that was in a vanity case. I hope that yours can lock!

  3. Ouu looks good! I wish I had space to display some of my polishes on the wall :)

    1. Thank you, Katherine! I'm very proud of my wall display however i need to purchase another one - soon.